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WF&F is our affectionate acronym for Washington’s Family & Friends Insurance Agency. We were founded in Irmo, South Carolina, with the mission of building a homegrown insurance agency. We value helping families like ours protect what they find important and valuable. We aim to bridge the gap in knowledge and, more importantly, ensure family-friendly customer service to our members. We offer home, auto, and small business insurance in our communities.


WF&F understands that finding the right coverage is important for families. We know that finding the right insurance can be a process with little to no desire. The language of insurance can be as simple as "premium" or as complicated as "indemnity." We seek to make this gap easier to cross between our carriers and you, the insured. The gap in knowledge can be bridged over time, and we want to help you find answers. We are real people who will have conversations with you via our chatbot or a good old-fashioned phone call. The questions we get frequently will be stored in the FAQ section of our site.


We want to provide our insured with family-friendly and comfortable customer service and the right coverage for their needs. The need to protect your property and assets when the unknown arises. We have been through similar situations and understand that these times are stressful and cause great worry. We will take the time and effort to be there for you, and whenever the time ever arrives, we will promptly bring a solution to the claim as quickly as humanly possible.






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